bury me in her womb

4 October 2006

when i die
bring me to where
my forefathers died.
bury me where
my forefathers lie.
bind me to her,
the earth that brought me forth
and let me as
rain to the parched soil
of my motherland.


silent retreat

2 October 2006

I wanted to write a poem /
but the words would not come /
Hush, my heart said /
wait for it.

I wanted to write of the sugar /
like copious tears I cried /
like tiny diamonds in the light /

I wanted to write /
the dance of the butterflies /
Yellow wings aflutter /
as around they chase each other.

I wanted to write the beauty of a bruised flower /
Its chaste form violated /
by a bruise on its petals.


19 September 2006

Beautiful stranger,
I know that I know you,
And yet –
The distant look in your eyes
When you gaze my way,
I do not know.

I do not know,
The face you have put on,
Or the beat that your heart plays.
I am sure that I know you,
And yet –
There is no warmth in your embrace,
nor spark of recognition.
You are not she who I once knew.

You are become
but a beautiful stranger.

happy birthday

10 September 2006

Ten minutes to go.
I’m still waiting in this unkempt lobby.
The chairs are in disarray
And yesterday’s paper is scattered on the table.

The murky water in the aquarium
Goes sploosh sploosh splash
And arowana unmindful,
It almost transports me
To pristine waterfall –
My reverie is broken.

Five minutes to go.
The whirring of the fan
Keeps me company
As does this lone fly.

The evening chill
Seeps deep into me and my heart shivers.
My skin breaks into bumps
And my hairs stand on end.
When, I ask myself,
Will this end?

And then the church bells chime
And I know it’s time.
12 midnight – I can greet you now.
You will probably receive this text.
Two minutes earlier
Or two minutes later.
Who knows, our watches
May be out of sync.

If that is so,
I ask myself
What then was I waiting for?

I wrote this on my mom’s birthday 8 months ago. I was waiting for 12 midnight so I could greet her on the dot. My writing still continues to surprise me.


2 June 2006

thump thump thump
this is still alive
beep beep beep
so long as we do not
settle into a boring line
with no ups and downs
beep beep beep
we are still alive
proof of which is a faint
thump thump thump


11 May 2006

i set my mind free
to wander the halls of this,
prestigious edifice so glorified.
quested through various
corridors and rooms
and questioned the learnings
of your learned men.
set my ears to hear
that which others would not listen to
and thusly bore the fruit
of wonder in wondrous thought.
i set my mind free to fly
but the next quiz came
and shot it down.

summer afternoon

10 May 2006

when the weather is lonely
everything looks orange
and even the soft drizzle
comes too hesitantly,
tasting the still air
before hugging the ground
too closely.

when the weather is lonely
everything is deathly silent.
no swish of narra leaves
or falling of fire tree flowers.
time itself seems to grind
to a painstaking stop

but for the furious setting of the sun. 



16 April 2006

fish flops upward
milky white eyeball rolling
in lifeless orbit
scales glistening
in the dim yellow light
reflected off the slimy tiles
see, inday, this is fresh
head comes off
gills' flaring futile
blood red and throbbing
see, inday, this is fresh
freshly dead

butterfly wings

2 April 2006

On the wings of a buttefly

Our freedom flew

So delicate, it was

A wonder to behold  and

Even colder when

We sought to unfold

The sacred mysteries it held

In the color of those wings.

So blue, and red, and free. 

the guns of march

23 March 2006

dusk slowly dawns on the unmarked graves
of my bloodied countrymen, here a teacher
and here a priest, here a reporter, and here
a poet –
the only tribute to their dreams
are lodged deep inside their skulls and
the .45 mm shells tell us that we are helpless
so we lash out at the shadows
but for all our pleading and our begging
for all our shouting and our marching
the shadows are unmoving
because roots that run deep
hold firm

fallen angel

18 March 2006

My angel did not come dressed in white,
Rather, she looked very much soiled
Wrapped in tattered rags, the faded blues of which
Resembled her heaven not at all.
Her wings were crumpled beneath her
As she lay, almost as if she had fallen
But, oh! Her wings, all wet and soggy and gray
Like, maybe, a dreary day, or most likely
Salvaged newsprint – the other day’s news
Brought back to life to shield her delicate
Skin from the coarse asphalt of her bed.

summer heat

13 February 2006

The rattan fan drones overhead
Prodding the sluggish humidity
Out the sunburnt windows.
Even the flies laze around
The tabletop, falling one by one
to the half-hearted flyswat.
The summer heat weighs on everyone.

let’s dance

6 February 2006

this is how we’ll go along:
first, circle each other
carefully step, don’t tread
on the other’s feet
and then if the time is right
or maybe the weather,
or whatever else factor

breathe, twirl, step
breathe, swing, step relentlessly

when you feel the music
raging through your blood
surrender caution and
throw yourselves wholly into it
and as you thread your way through
the swaying bodies,
let the rhythm move you

breathe, twirl, step
breathe, swing, step relentlessly

but when it feels like its over
don’t hold on too tightly because
you both will drift apart inevitably
and find somebody else
to dance with so for now

breathe, twirl, step
breathe, swing, step relentlessly

still, i wish
we could dance

jay or jurmane, make this into a song! 😀

ebbs and flows

31 January 2006

The gentle waves
caress my winding shore
Ardent entreaties
on every breath.
Unyielding I lie
yet with every ebb
they take a part of me.

for yesterday, today, and tomorrow

31 January 2006

For yesterday, today, and –


I write this love song.

Who knows when the rain

will bring us together again?

Maybe I will let sail

a thousand blossoms for you

and they will fly so that

you might find them

and remember me.

stumble along

31 January 2006

I can’t understand how the world works.
I stopped trying a long time ago.
Who, after all, is to say it’s wrong
to let my heart stumble along
and let itself learn
from the cuts and scrapes
and bruises
which, in the end, is probably
far better than having the world,
in the palm of your hand.


31 January 2006

A lone whisper
flies through the night
seeking shelter
in an open heart
yet the rain seems to be
keeping everyone inside
and sadly, whispers
cannot pass through doors.


31 January 2006

I shall lay me down to sleep
and seek you with my dreams,
fly on the currents of wind
among the clouds or
ride the tail of a falling star
and wish,
wish that as you slumber
my whispers will find your ears
and our dreams will find each other.


31 January 2006

Maybe it is cold
but I don’t feel a thing
the numbness just won’t go
away, like the shivering
has done, and my heart
quakes, and stumbles with
every beat as the icy blood
almost freezes in my veins.


31 January 2006

It is madness
The dementia brought on
by the deafening sounds
of bombs dropped on
countless innocent lives
and you feel the blood
pounding in your ears
and splattering on your face,
feel it soil your hands
so you cry out for your mother
but all that remains
is the gutted shell of a memory
seen through a distant haze
or it maybe it is just the tears
you are shedding.