let’s dance

6 February 2006

this is how we’ll go along:
first, circle each other
carefully step, don’t tread
on the other’s feet
and then if the time is right
or maybe the weather,
or whatever else factor

breathe, twirl, step
breathe, swing, step relentlessly

when you feel the music
raging through your blood
surrender caution and
throw yourselves wholly into it
and as you thread your way through
the swaying bodies,
let the rhythm move you

breathe, twirl, step
breathe, swing, step relentlessly

but when it feels like its over
don’t hold on too tightly because
you both will drift apart inevitably
and find somebody else
to dance with so for now

breathe, twirl, step
breathe, swing, step relentlessly

still, i wish
we could dance

jay or jurmane, make this into a song! 😀


5 Responses to “let’s dance”

  1. monch Says:

    steve! wow! i never thought this was your blog…akala ko site xa na puro poems…forgive me for being so stupid…ang galing kasi eh…it’s full of poems and super iba sa blog na puro words and just random thoughts..i love your blog! and ang cool ng address ha..inverted oxymoron…sosyal! hahaha galing! im so amazed!! ang dami namang requirements para magcomment…lagay k ng tagboard!hahaha

  2. noromyxo Says:

    onga eh, kaso lang di ako makalagay ng tagboard.. it’s so sad. wala kasing tagboards ang wordpress… howell.

    wahaha… salamat sa comments, lulusot na ata ang atay ko sa bubong (literal translation of some bisaya expression na ang ibig sabihin ay “i’m so flattened”). haha.

  3. jurmane Says:

    hey there mr poet!:) hahaha 😀 good lyrics 🙂 ill do my best in transforming it into a song…:) keep writing!:)

  4. jason Says:

    nice ni..:) one cud feel the beat, hear the melody, dance the rhythm and even become a good dancer by just reading.. teheeheehee…

  5. noromyxo Says:

    haha. yeah right. i’m sure you know what it means. enjoy.

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