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the guns of march

23 March 2006

dusk slowly dawns on the unmarked graves
of my bloodied countrymen, here a teacher
and here a priest, here a reporter, and here
a poet –
the only tribute to their dreams
are lodged deep inside their skulls and
the .45 mm shells tell us that we are helpless
so we lash out at the shadows
but for all our pleading and our begging
for all our shouting and our marching
the shadows are unmoving
because roots that run deep
hold firm


fallen angel

18 March 2006

My angel did not come dressed in white,
Rather, she looked very much soiled
Wrapped in tattered rags, the faded blues of which
Resembled her heaven not at all.
Her wings were crumpled beneath her
As she lay, almost as if she had fallen
But, oh! Her wings, all wet and soggy and gray
Like, maybe, a dreary day, or most likely
Salvaged newsprint – the other day’s news
Brought back to life to shield her delicate
Skin from the coarse asphalt of her bed.