About Me

is 20
is a senior taking up BS Management in AdMU
comes from Cebu (City National Science High School)
is a philosophist
comprends un peu Francais
loves to blog
loves to read books, watch good movies, and surf the intertube
likes listening to different kinds of music
advocates education as a way to end poverty
thinks out of the box
can’t live without the Internets
pretends a lot
needs to change the world


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. dsinnerorsaint Says:

    i think you need to change your self first before you change the world,

  2. jhay Says:

    We all need to change, not just our selves, not just the world, but both.

  3. gierad laput Says:

    steve, si laput ni from batch 2003. just stumble dupon your site through ilovescihi wordpress (gi refer ko ni sir libres) umm musta naman? payter to imong gibuhat nga scihi blog, somehow it tries to connect scihi people, but sometime immature lng kaayo ug comments ang mga tao labi na mga studyante nga gikan didto. but other than that, payter to bai.. just keep doing what you do best. ayo2x dha and hope everything is doing great down there at ADMU

    -gierad laput-

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